Foundation patterns

On this page you can choose from single-sided patterns or double-sided patterns .

The patterns can be ordered by contacting via e-mail with the item codes of the selected patterns. You will receive an e-mail back as soon as possible including an invoice. After payment of the invoice, your order will be shipped by mail (sorry, no PDF by e-mail). 

Click on a spool to go to the page of your choice.




 Single-sided patterns consist of more pieces and are therefore divided into several segments. Click at the spool to go to the page with single-sided patterns. You can also go to the drop down menu at the top of the page directly to this page.




Double-sided patterns consist of one segment. These patterns have a front and a back side, which are mirrored images. By using different fabrics at both sides, very surprising effects can be made. Click at the spool above to go to the page with double-sided patterns. With the drop down menu at the top of the page you can go directly to this page.