Blocks 2019

Blocks of the month 2019

Optical illusion with Nine Patch blocks

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This year several blocks from the Dutch book ‘Patronenboek Traditioneel Patchwork – 60 Nine Patch patronen‘ will be used to make quilts with dept. This optical illusion is easy to achieve by changing the sizes of the blocks evenly and to effect the colors.
Many blocks in this Dutch book can be used to make stunning quilts.
If you like to order this book, go to the contact page and use the code: Boek Nine Patch Patronen.



The blocks below are downloads as PDF in several sizes.

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This book costs € 16,50 
(exclusive shipping/handling )
Boek Nine Patch Patronen

20 x 20 cm

20 x 15 cm

20 x 10 cm

15 x 15 cm

15 x 10 cm

10 x 10 cm